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 “Quality Hair requires Quality hair care”

Our Hair Extensions can last up to (3) years or more with proper care

Pre-Installing Your Head honcho Hair extensions

Rinse the hair or shampoo/condition hair.  We recommend you do this with a rubber band or clips around the bundle while doing this to avoid any possible tangling.  Run your fingers or comb through the hair.

Allow hair to air dry.  Once dry, hair is ready for installation.

Installing your Head Honcho Hair extensions

When installing our machine weft hair extensions with a needle, we recommend you or your hair stylist to sew around the weft and not through it.  Sewing through the weft will weaken the weft and can cause shedding. We also  recommend to avoid cutting the wefts or try minimal cutting of wefts when installing. Minimal or no cutting of the wefts helps prevent shedding and loose hairs.

Maintaining  your Head Honcho Hair Extensions
Shampoo and condition your hair weekly to maintain the bounce, softness and manageability of your hair extensions. Shampooing keeps the life of your hair going and restores the natural luster of the hair.

Don’t use excessive styling products on your natural hair extensions as too many products can tend to weigh the hair down.  When flat ironing hair we recommend to use a heat protectant spray prior to styling and curling.

Head Honcho Hair Collections

 Raw Natural Straight- Presses straight with a flat iron easily and can be be curled to your liking, (i.e wand curls)

Slay Wavy Hair/Jet Black Wavy -  Raw Indian hair with smooth body or deep wave textures. The Slay wavy hair can also be worn or pressed straight. Hair can be wet for a perfect wet and wavy look. The hairs can also be worn or pressed straight.  Can hold curls and snaps back to its natural wavy state after each wash and conditioning. 

 For deeper/defined waves- use a paddle or wig brush to detangle the wet hair. Scrunch the hair. Allow hair to hair dry or use a diffuser for added volume.

Raw Indian Curly (Slay Curly)can be worn straight with the use of a blow dryer and a flat iron.  Our Raw virgin curly hair is  thick and more coarse than our straight and wavy products.  It’s texture allows it to hold curls very long. The natural curls snaps back to its natural curly state after every shampoo and conditioning.  For deeper/defined curls- use a paddle or wig brush to detangle the wet hair. Scrunch the hair. Allow hair to hair dry or use a diffuser for added volume. Handling hair during the drying process can cause frizziness. 

For a fuller look, we recommend you manipulate the hair once it’s completely dry.  We recommend the use of curl defining products when foing for more defined curls.  For best results, use the curl defining products when hair is wet.
Deep Curly Hair- Virgin Indian hair that has been processed (chemically free) for plush soft full curls. The Deep Curly hair is more fuller than our loose curly hair and more coarse than our straight and wavy products.  It’s texture allows it to hold curls very long. The curls will go back to curly state upon wetting or after every shampoo and conditioning.


As an overview for curly haircare, conditioner only wash (Co-Wash) is recommended once a week for the best results. 

Products you will need: 

  • Moisturizing Conditioner  
  • Curl Sealant/Curl Cream (optional depending on style)  
  • Wig Brush/Denman Brush
  • Hair Clips 



  1. In the shower, section hair into 4-6 parts with hair clips before getting your hair wet. This makes the process much easier when dealing with curly hair textures.  
  2. Wet all sections of your hair thoroughly while keeping each section separated.  
  3. Section by section apply your conditioner and work through the section with a wig or Denman brush. Be sure to work your way up from the ends. 
  4. Once detangled deep condition for 15-30 minutes.  
  5. Rinse. For our deep curly and kinkier textures we recommend leaving a bit of conditioner in the hair when rinsing. This will act as a leave-in conditioner and allow the hair to retain more moisture. For our looser curl patterns, rinse hair thoroughly to ensure the curls are not weighed down.

MyKenzie Kurly-Perfect for the natural curly/kinky curly hair lover.  Pure virgin hair that has been slightly processed to achieved the soft bounce, coily hair texture. The hair isn’t recommended for wearing curly to straight then straight back to curly as it has been designed for a coiled texture and look.  Hair gets more and more bounce after each wash and conditioning.

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